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How to Use Tumblr as a Beginner

There is a crucial duty that Tumblr has to bloggers when it comes to blogging. One of the roles is that Tumblr is important in making blogging easy for bloggers. Ensuring that all kind of blogs have been published is another way that Tumblr is important to bloggers. A blogger is able to come up with a page when using the Tumblr platform, where it comes it for the publication of the blogs. As a result, Tumblr can be said to be the perfect platform for all kind of bloggers to make their publications. However, using Tumblr as a beginner may be very difficult. This is due to the various tools available, where each of the tools do have distinguish functions. Due to this, being well informed of the various features and tools available on Tumblr and as well how to use it is one of the things that a beginner should be focused on. A beginner’s guide to use Tumblr as a blogging platform is as illustrated below.

Forming an account is the first step to using Tumblr as a beginner blogger. Before Exploring the tools of work and basic features on Tumblr, opening an account is the first step. The tools that help in pushing your blog post are visible once an account is created. An email and a perfect username are some of the things that are required in the creation of a Tumblr account. The email, username and password should be unique so as to ensure that that the security and privacy of the account is maintained. The other step to using Tumblr as a beginner is describing the kind of blogposts you will be making.

A comprehensive description about the kind of blogs you will be posting is another step and guideline to using Tumblr as a beginner. Blogs are usually of different types. There are those that are crafted or rather made for professional purposes whereas others are made for personal uses. Those that may be used in the marketing of an entity are referred to as the professional blogs whereas those used for fun are the personal blogs. Classifying the kind of blogs that you will be dealing with is therefore crucial.

The other thing that you are supposed to do as a beginner before continuing to use Tumblr is comprehending its dashboard. Whenever you are logged in to the account, you will find out that many of the operations are available in the dashboard. Therefore, to ensure that your time in the account is easy, it is important that you familiarize yourself with the dashboard, where you understand the various features and tools that can be accessed from the dashboard.

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